Name, Call Sign: Yorick Viktoli Zhukov, White Knight

Theme Song:

Battle Position: Guard?

Race: Human (+4 Edge, +1 Skill, Roll 2 AP dice)

Origin: Contractor

Honors: Adrenaline Junkie (+1AP)

Gender: Male

Age, Height, Weight: 26, 5'11”, 175 lbs

Appearance: Thin, wry build, dyed, shaggy purple hair, sky blue eyes. Cocky smirk, Flashy clothes, expensive shades.

Occupation: CEO and head test pilot for CZAR

Mecha: CZAR-11e Iron Star, experimental BOSS variant

Goals: Survival; of ladies, company, himself.

Quirks: Cocky, love of flashy adrenaline filled stunts

Launch Phrase: “Locked, Stocked, and ready to Rock!”

Campaigns: Longsword II

Signature Maneuver: Shear Force: If Yorick is subject to a natural tie or forced tie that he does not initiate, he gains and AP after the effects of that tie mode, no matter if he wins or looses the tie mode.

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