SNS 12 'Junk Grinder' PDW
3d6, short, explosive, RoF3, $1415, 5.7, 3. +8 Hit Short, -6M, -22L, -38E, -54S
Flak & Flechette Ammo, Dual Chamber, Automatic, Quickloader.
Carbine, Muzzle Brake, Short Barrel, Heavy Barrel, Sturdy Construction x3

"Not a specific gun per-say, the Junk Grinder is a typical example of a large range of weapons designed to be cheap to purchase, simple to use, and easy to build. Typically used for less then legal prospects, this type of weapon is commonally found in the possession of gangers, smugglers, and other criminal types. Little more then an open-topped hopper feeding a hand-held industrial chipper system, this extremely loud and notoriusly inaccurate weapon rarely fires actual bullets; rather rocks, nails, scrap metal, and anything else found in the nearby vacinty."

3d6 : 600, 3, 6
Dual Chamber: 210, 1.5, 2
Flak Ammo : 210, 0.3, 0 +8 vs Fast, 2 hits frat
Flechette Ammo: 300, 0.6, 0 +8 Hit Short, -6M, -22L, -38E, -54S
Automatic Fire: 0 , 0 , 6
Carbine: 0, -4, -2 Destroyed when Damaged
Muzzle Brake : 200, 0, -3 Lock-On when fired
Short Barrel: -75, -0.2, -2, x2 RP
Heavy Barrel: 150, 0.75, -2, -2RP
Sturdy Con x3: -300, 3, -3
Speedloader: 120, 0.75 1 Quick Reload

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