Welcome to the Mission Accepted Wiki (The MA:W)Edit

Mission Accepted is the popular science-fiction mecha series that is taking the world by storm (in the future)!

For now, it is the brainchild of a small but dedicated group, working for 11+ years on a single RPG / anime setting.

This is the collection of their combined wisdom.

UMP Declassified Files

Persons of Interest (PCs)

| Yorick Victoli Zhukov | Rhynn Alshern | Ketsueki Seiyaku |

Accomplices (NPCs)

| Christine Harper |

Hardware and Software (Weapons and Equipment)

| SNS-12 'Junk Grinder' | 'Popper' Grenade | 'Amp12' Mine | CZAR-42 'Armwaz' |

Military Assets (Mecha and Ships)

| CZAR-11e 'Iron Star' |

Locales (Areas, both local and planetary)

| Vesta Colony |

Social Sciences (Organizations, groups, factions, and alliances)

| Vanguard | UMP | Wolfpack | PGC |

Cultural Observations (Races and peoples)

| Humans | Keshians | AI |

A History of War (Timeline and Prior Events)

| Season 1 | Victoria Heights | Season 2 – Vesta | Season 2 – Reinhalst | Longsword 2 |

Underlining Theories (Game Rules and Mechanics)

| Mecha Creation Document | Skills and Abilities | Character Sheet | Racial Bonuses | Experimental Rules |

Latest activityEdit

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