CZAR-42 "Armwaz" Anti-Material Warhead System ($2757.5, 15.375 lbs, 2i)
3d6+8, AoE2, RoF4, Solid, 2807.5, 21.38, Int2, Long. -1 RP.
Deploy, Firelink, Disposable. Fire Team Skill Ability.
(Volley, Seige, Launcher, Stock, Tripod, L.Buildx7, P.Comp)

A somewhat heavy, man portable anti-vehicle support system, the Armwaz is designed for quick deployment on the front lines. A trained squad can set up a firing line and launch a punishing salvo of anti-armor rounds in less then a minute, using the built in target up-link system to coordinate a devastating first strike. The name comes from a common after action tac-net phrase, "Armor was here!"

3d6 AoE2: 750, 2.25, 3
Volley: +6 Int
Siege: +300, x3 weight
Firelink: 150, 0.75, -2
Launcher: 180, 0.75
Stock: 150, 0.75, -3
Tripod: +65, +0.75, -6
Disposable: half weight half cost
Light Buildx7: +700, -7, +7 Int
Fire Team: 2800, 12
Ported Compensator: 420, 0.0, -3

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